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Deluxe Refrigerator Magnets



Some of the nicest refrigerator magnets you are likely to find. Available in a variety of designs. Carved from solid oak or cherry with a choice of walnut or sedona red stain.

These feature strong magnet strips capable of holding more weight than typical refrigerator magnets. They also feature USA produced clothespins. These magnets and clothespins add a significant amount to the price, but the quality is worth it. We tried less expensive magnets which couldn’t secure much weight. We also tried much less expensive Chinese made clothespins. These did not have much holding power and frequently disassembled. We could not make these concessions and sell junk.

These are identical to our Standard Refrigerator Magnets with the addition of a clothespin and a different magnet.

These are the magnet holders we use on our refrigerators.

Available in oak with a variety of designs and stains.

Custom versions or different woods / finishes can be requested through our custom work page but will depend on material availability. These can easily feature names or other personalized text.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
Refrigerator Magnets

Christmas Bells, Christmas Candle, Christmas Nativity, Christmas Ornaments, Deer, Fix It, God's Reset, Home on Range, House of Lord, Jackass, Lighthouse, Rose, Sailboat, Still Waters, Stupid Prayer, The 2nd Amendment, Thinker, Tolerance

Wood Type

Cherry, Oak


Sedona, Walnut


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