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Exquisite Wood Creations

Exquisite Wood Creations

Refrigerator Magnets with stain samples
Refrigerator Magnets Stain Color Samples

Believe it or not. there are 9 different stain options shown above. They are…ok, I don’t know what they are. I’m going to need to retake that picture ; )

Ok, these are Varathane stains:

  • Sedona, Cherry, Cognac, Red Chestnut
  • No stain, Golden Oak, Gunstock, Linseed Oil (not stain), and Colonial Maple.

Seven cans of stain and aside from light brown, dark brown, light red and dark red, there is not much difference. The individual wood piece seems to make more of a difference than many of the stain alternatives.

As such, aside from specialty finishes on custom work, there is not much point in offering a huge amount of choices here. Thus, stain choices will, for the most part, be limited to light reddish (sedona), light brown (golden oak or gunstock) and occasionally darker brown (walnut–not pictured).