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Exquisite Wood Creations

Exquisite Wood Creations

Custom Work

We can create many additional works of art or other types of crafts. These will obviously require far more time than already established pieces and will be priced accordingly. Of course, with art, the price will also be affected by the level of interest that our designers have in the project as well as the feasibility of adapting the design for further use by us.

Additionally, many of our standard pieces have spaces where custom text can be added. The back of plaques are excellent for this.

If you are interested in custom work feel free to fill in the form below. Be sure to describe the desired work, or if just inquiring about adding a text message, indicate the product and your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote or to request further information. Your email address will only be used to discuss this custom work.

If you wish to have something created for which you have a picture or drawing, or for any other reasons, you can contact us via email at :

Be sure to attach appropriate drawings or pictures.

We will respond as quickly as possible.